How do I embrace my sexuality and accept myself and others for who we are?

Improve your understanding of different sexual orientations and identities. Be curious and go out there to gather knowledge about this field by studying and hanging out with sexual minority groups such as LGBTQ+ and get rid of all the prejudice or stereotypes you may have had. Join conversations where you can learn more about them, not just their wrong descriptions to break free from oneself and be aware.

I’ve done that already, so what now?

For a relationship to blossom, adoption of effective communication skills is important in embracing who you are in terms of your sexuality. Express your needs, desires, and boundaries authentically and honestly with those you are engaged with. Also create an environment that allows all sides feel safe, judgment-free and open for dialogue.

But, I don’t think society will accept my true self!

Love yourself as you are, celebrate your body-positive spirit. Pay no heed to society’s unrealistic beauty standards but rather appreciate the unique qualities that make you who you are. Lastly remember it is self-confidence and esteem that makes one beautiful at heart. Celebrate your appearance and accept yourself as you are to embrace body positivity. Reject societal unrealistic beauty expectations and accept your own unique qualities. Develop self-assurance and love for oneself because real beauty emanates from within.

Love Through Sexuality

Experiment sexually by trying out new things and exploring fantasies. Be inquisitive, adventurous and prioritize pleasure in bed. Do not feel guilty or shamefaced about your sexual desires but indulge them fully. The chains of sexual shame should be broken off completely. Understand that our society does not define who we are or how much we are worth. Love yourself deeply as you embrace each part of your sexual being without holding back.

Who to turn to when I need help?

If you find it difficult to accept yourself sexually, then go for help from doctors, therapists or any supportive groups around you. Professional guidance can help address the complicated emotions involved and break internalized barriers against a healthy sexuality. A community that is diverse, inclusive, and positive is the best type of group to associate with. Also, there is an amazing group I’m sure would help you a lot in opening yourself up to your deepest desires, visit Naughty Events, and feel free to reach out to them.

Could my true sexual preferences harm my relationship?

Navigate relationships with honesty, respect, and empathy. Trusting relationships will be established through communication based on truthfulness between partners which allows for mutual understanding. We always worry that our partner’s preferences might not always align with ours, but keeping your true feelings for yourself and not sharing it with your partner might do more harm than good in the long run. Hope this helps!

Aliyah Moore